Finished ALL the mini-challenges

Finished ALL the mini-challenges Made a back-up post for a rainy day using a list post where I talked about how awesome libraries are (see my blog on a later, rainy day for that post) Added at least 20 more blogs to follow and commented at least 40 - 50 times total. Set up a google alert for my blog and young adult book blogs Came up with an elevator pitch, which I used to help revamp my about and later on use in meta data Added my blog to some lists YA Blagosphere and YA Book Blog Directory Changed my background, updated links, made my blog reviews look nicer, reformatted pictures, changed my layout, added a few widgets, and much more Made a book blogging buddy and actually we spend like two hours chatting about our blogs last night while we worked on ours. Got a flavicon and gravatar woot! Anchored text correctly :) Had to go and change a bunch of stuff on my old blogs! Read a bazillion articles (or so it seemed) on improving my blog and found myself rewriting some old blogs so they were more well-written. Got my site graded - a 36 to begin with and worked for a few hours on meta data and a billion other things (still don't completely understand certain parts...) and raised my score to a 55. I really had a ton of fun doing this and learned buttloads. As a newer blogger, I didn't know a lot of the stuff discussed and was glad to go about fixing what needed to be fixed. I didn't really expect to spend more than 8 hours on the blog and was surprised when I had clocked 14 - by then my head was aching and my TBR pile was glaring at me in disgust. Which now reminds me that I have two book reviews to post. :)A blogger's job is never done.

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