I've picked my first five affiliates and there's still room for five more!

I've picked my first five affiliates and there's still room for five more! See my post on Affiliates to check out what Affiliates are and how to become one.1. Jenn from Book Crazy is a fantastic online buddy of mine. I just recently became an affiliate of her blog and wanted to return the favor. Jenn runs some great things over on her blog - including Music Mondays. I just love how friendly and open she is and how fantastic her blog looks with it's makeover. 2. Natalie at Mindful Musings is a fantastic blogger. I became an affiliate of hers when she opened it up to the blogosphere and felt guilty not repaying the favor right away. Natalie has fantastic reviews and we read a lot of similar books, so it's great to see her take on them. 3. Kate at The Neverending Shelf became my blogging buddy the past month or so and ever since we connected on Google Chat, we've done a few combined projects and help each other stay motivated and reading. I just love Kate and all of her fantastic ideas that we pull out of our foggy twenty some year old brains. She's definitely a fantastic blogger and keeps things real on her blog, which I appreciate a lot. 4. Eleni at La Femme Readers is another one of those fantastic bloggers that I simply enjoy all the books she reviews and chatting her up online. She runs a fabulous blog that really speaks to my inner chic side.5. Last, but definitely not least, is WilowRaven from Red House Books. She has been a frequent commenter on my blog and keeps coming back. I love her blog and especially the reviews she has on it. She's one of the sweetest bloggers I know out there and I'm glad to have met her! So, 5 more to pick. I'll probably cut off the applications next weekend. I'll include some affiliate news with this week's Monday post. :)

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