Alchemy Salut you paradise bird, last week I introduced you among other things the Alchemy collection of Lime Crime and decided to make up for it very soon to put on an AMu with it. I finally managed to do that today and as I am getting along better with my lighting, I can also post that directly to you. I have to say that while I really like the colors of the Alchemy range, it is very difficult for me to combine them with each other. The color scheme is great colorful and just typical Lime Crime but I would not have come up with the idea to use just these five colors together. Nevertheless, of course, it was clear when Alchemy, then completely Alchemy! : D And here is the end result! I just like the interaction of colors with each other. Do you see how great the beautiful denim blue on the outer V with the dark green becomes a Teal? And the shining orange and the shimmering purple with duochrome (which one unfortunately does not see so well here), simply great! I have the idea of ​​coloring the eyelashes on the tips of Schnine. I also used Lime Crime eyeliner, because they are perfect for it and evaluate the overall picture really great, I think. Product List ~ UDPP ~ Lime Crime "Spellbound" (Interior Angle, Fade Out) ~ Lime Crime "Incantation" (Folded Lid) ~ Lime Crime "Lucky Charm" (Lid Fold) ~ Lime Crime "Divination" (Outer V, Eyelid Crease, Lower Inner Angle) ~ Lime Crime "Love Potion N ° 9" (lower lash line) ~ MAC Feline Khol Power (waterline) ~ MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner "Undercurrent" (bottom lash line) ~ MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner "Designer Purple" (lash line) ~ Lime Crime Uniliner "Quill" (essence) ~ essence Multi Action Mascara ~ Lime Crime Uniliner "Orchidaceous" (upper eyelashes) ~ Lime Crime Uniliner "6th element" (lower eyelashes) So much for my Alchemy Look. I would like to link you to two others, so you get a picture of what you can do with the palette. Schnine has also made a nice make-up this week and completely ripped off Maryam Maquillage with her beautiful look with the Alchemy Palette and various Lime Crime Uniliners. In the pictures I am particularly looking forward to the new LC liner "Rhyme" and "Reason", which will hopefully arrive soon:) How do you like my look? Do you have a good overview of what you can do with the pallet? :)Dearest greetings!

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