Twelve midnight has already struck in our part of the world and all four of us are still up!

Twelve midnight has already struck in our part of the world and all four of us are still up! The husband is tackling his students’ test papers, the two kiddos are playing, watching their favorite The Wiggles videos, while i just finished folding my laundry. Yes, that’s how our Christmas Eve 2013 is! Pretty memorable, eh? LOL. Christmas is like this when it is not spent in Philippines. Nevertheless, we still have merry hearts because God is good and He is love! We got Triz her second guitar a few days back (last Friday) after seeing it on sale at Aldi. It was down to $29 from $69. It’s not the best quality because it’s brandless, but its size is perfect– 36″, and the husband thought it is not bad for beginners. He just changed the strings to nylon and tuned it in and it clicked! Triz has been enjoying it since then. Caught her playing it earlier and here she is, to the tune of “Joy to the World” Christmas carol, in guitar notes. From The Duarte home to yours, have a very merry Christmas! Remember, we glory Not in the presents but in His PRESENCE. 359/365 BPC www. simplesharebuttons. comCare to share? :) Home construction is a challenging task. If you live in a place where winter is a bit harsh, now is not the best time to do some. Even just a small home makeover or improvement is not possible. I say that as someone living in Central Wisconsin where snow is already at least 5 inches deep. So, home makeover couldn’t actually be done anytime here where I live. However, planning for one is different. One can plan ahead for a desired home improvement. As a matter of fact, if you prefer to do it yourself, planning it ahead of time is the best route to take. There are so many stores online that we can check out to compare home remodeling ideas and prices of their materials for the construction. I Great products for home constructions are available from them and it is amazing that they offer excellent discounts, too! Their CrunchBase page is worth looking at especially if you just heard about them for the first time! It is another brand new month of the year and although I hate to admit that every beginning of this month is a very melancholic day for me, I can’t hide the fact at all for such emotions because history has recorded that every first day of November is going to be really unforgettable for me since 15 years ago. You see, exactly today 15 years ago, my dearest Papa took his last breath. Even after 15 years now, the scenes we have had during that unfortunate day are still so vivid in my memory. I don’t think I can erase them, unless dementia would invade my sense. And since it doesn’t yet (heaven forbid!), I shall try to document my lugubrious feelings today as an unforgotten day. The image below is the tomb of my Papa Jose. After 15 years since he was buried, I am sure he is all dust and bones now. The Bible says that “the dead know nothing” (Ecclesiastes 9:5) so I disagree with anyone who tells me that he is watching over me now. Also, the Bible says that death is but a sleep and there will be a morning for all those who died when they will rise and get up from their graves and that is when Jesus Christ will come down from heaven. (1 Thess. 4:16,17) There is something that needs to be known further though: that there will be two resurrections that will happen: the First one is for all those who died in Christ and the Second one is for those who are wicked– those who will be in Satan’s corner. If this is your first time learning about this, don’t be surprised. If this Biblical truth has prompted more questions from you about life and death, please feel free to look at your Bible or ask me. I am confident that the Bible has an answer to any of your queries. Anyway, I do believe that my father will rise up from this very grave on the First Resurrection morning. By then, it will be a great reunion which I definitely would want to be at. November 1st? This day sure gives me a lot of bittersweet remembrance but every time, I am comforted by the fact that the God I serve Is One Who Is faithful and true to His promises. So, when He said that He will come again to receive us unto Himself (John 16:6), I believe that He will. I hold a very special promise deep within my heart that I will see my Papa once again in His time. And yes, there is a difference between believing in the Biblical truth and following the traditions of man. I believe in the former, and it makes it easy for me to be at peace and at ease despite the sad and dreaded reality of death.

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