Can you hear her? Please don’t blame us if she is the most adoring creature in our eyes!

Can you hear her? Please don’t blame us if she is the most adoring creature in our eyes! I would have wanted this post to be wordless, but I can’t help it. I wanna dig down a little bit deeper and define what I can hear through the child’s laughter. I can hear innocence. Every time a baby coos, a toddler giggles, and a kid laughs out loud, it seems that there is no such thing as horror in the world. Isn’t it the way it should be? When our Triz is being silly, the result is laughter which shows pure joy and innocence. Oh… how it takes away every worry and cast away every pain for a while. I hear real joy and happiness. Yes I do, and it causes me to experience a different level of such and such. When children laugh, I believe they laugh for a real reason. And when they do, they sometimes are too hard to stop. I don’t know about yours but it is what I observed with mine. They can’t be taught to give a genuine laugh because a real laughter comes out naturally. I hear love, oh love! If your child laughs at something you’ve said and done, she gives that kind of laughter that ignites love and respect for you. Adults don’t always give out such gesture, but your child always does. I hear the most precious sound in the world. Oh… I may sound exaggerating but when you’re a parent like me, I am sure you hear the same. That comes with all of the sounds she makes while doing her things and exploring new ways and discoveries. Children tend to be senseless at times, but their vulnerability, innocence, and will to explore always create mirth and true meaning for parenthood. They could come up with jokes that are really silly and funny and they aren’t afraid to show us that they can do it. I am thankful to have a child who laughs without limits when she needs and wants to. She knows when to hold her peace as well, especially when in public places. But as her guide in her explorations, I always see to it that I give her the space and the reason to be able to laugh. It’s our routine to laugh together at a particular time of the day and night for so many reasons and I will keep on doing such as long as she remains to be a child. She can always have that child-like spirit when she enjoys her childhood to the extent. What do you hear when your child laughs?

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