I must say that partnership is a gift that is tangible but doesn’t come with a price

I must say that partnership is a gift that is tangible but doesn’t come with a price. In parenting, partnership is very important in order to raise a child the parents’ best way. Because as a daughter myself, I didn’t enjoy full partnership that my parents have towards their raising us, I and the husband are in constant talk about this topic– about how much we want to work as partners and as a team. In today’s age when couples tend to break away from the vows of marriage, one may ask, “is partnership still valid?” I say YES. As long as the gift of time can be used in special ways to create a regular pattern for these three classic spiritual disciplines to regularly occur: Shared worship. Attending church together is important, and it is easy to attend week after week when you do it together as there is not a need to make any effort to ask your partner to do it with you. For us, worship is a time shared between each other and it is even a blessing to share it with our church family. Shared service. Something wonderful happens when a couple works as a team to reach out to others. When you lend a helping hand together, you share in the joy, the tiredness, and the success of what you both shared to others. Thus, when the husband offers his helping hand to friends and others who need his physical labor, as long as I am able, I like doing it with him and he feels likewise. Now, with an able daughter, it makes sharing our service even more fun. Shared prayer. This is the most important thing to me. While you each focus on your individual walks with your God on a daily basis, committing time each day or week to nurture prayer time together will truly reap even more blessings. It helps that we do family devotionals every night and every morning because praying isn’t that hard at all. As a matter of fact, as young as she is as of this time, Triz already knows how to personally pray all by herself. These gifts of sharing can lead to a more important gift of partnership which plays a vital role in every marriage relationship. Last weekend, as we celebrated Father’s Day, Triz and I didn’t have any material gift for our man in the family. I did have my gift of partnership with him renewed though, and Triz promised to work with us as a team, too. And then, we enjoyed our meal time together. Oh what precious immaterial presents they are when times, chances, and opportunities are enjoyed at its core never minding the amount of money not spent on any of those shared times.

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