I got so excited earlier this month when I learned that my cousin who is working in Hong Kong will finally fly here in the US

I got so excited earlier this month when I learned that my cousin who is working in Hong Kong will finally fly here in the US to join her fiance who she will marry in early January next year. I am not sure if they met at a free dating online site, that I have yet to ask. Her arrival here is this 24th which is Thanksgiving Day and early the other week, the husband and I decided to make a road trip to where S, my cousin, will be arriving. Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect so I started arranging our trip. Unfortunately, the husband, last week, received a notice of appointment for a presentation that he is asked to do on Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend. He’s the one asked to do a presentation during the Mathematics League Meet or something at the university so he asked me to cancel the road trip because he needs to prepare for the presentation. How unfortunate, I know. But, there will be next time so I’ll just look forward to that “next time” plan. It is important to help your child understand and deal with her changing emotions. How do you do it? Children’s signs of their emotions differ in age and gender, but boy do they show exactly the same when they laugh or cry about something, don’t they? Between the ages of 2 and 3 years old, a child makes giant leaps in terms of labeling and understanding his or her feelings. However, their ability to manage his or her ups and downs is shaky at best. With my own daughter, I see to it that communication always play a vital role in our relationship. I believe that my job as a parent, on this emotional development of my daughter is to have lots of conversations about feelings, hers and mine. When she’s laughing and dancing and smiling all over, I know that she’s happy. In between those laughter or after, I ask her why she’s happy. When her lips quiver, her face falls, and her tears come streaming down her cheeks without sound, I know that she’s sad or dismayed or mad. Discussing our feelings toward someone or something is very important. I do that to my husband and my daughter because I want them to experience an assuring atmosphere, where there is someone who listens to them and bear with their anguish while laugh when they’re happy as well. Now that my daughter is very well able to converse already, I can tell that she’s very expressive with what she feels. Indeed, valuing one’s feelings is important. It should start from the beginning so that it will be nurtured daily in one’s life, especially in a child’s life.

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