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Blog Design by Blog Designers I’ve been thinking a bit about the end of blogs. Despite having named by company The Blog Studio, I hate the word blog. It’s ugly, and I don’t like the way it falls out of the mouth. The only constant is change, and in our age, change happens at hyperspeed. I’m not suggesting that blogs themseleves will disappear. On the contrary, I think blogs are arguably the single greatest tool for human expression and communications ever invented. As such, we simply won’t give them up without a terrific fight. That being said, I think the concept of a blog as an entity separate from a web site will disappear. Today, my presence on the web is scattered: I have a couple of blogs, a static web site or two, membership and profiles on various forums and special interest sites, a couple of lenses, etc. My belief is that the future – the near future – will bring an amalgamation of these disparate presences. Instead of blogs, we’ll talk about personal portals, or more simply, sites. A site will be the collection of all your stuff, all in one site, all in one place. This will be powered and enabled by two technologies: search and rss. As search engines get smarter, they will able to deliver the most relevant information on a given topic independent of its place of origin. Right now, a search for, say, “blue cheese” will favor those sites that fully dedicate themselves to the topic. That is changing – very quickly. That change is made possible via improved search algorithms and the vast interlinking of permalinks. In the near future, I envision search engines determining ranking based on the author of the post, not its location. RSS already allows one to create a portal site of almost all of one’s online presence. This is somewhat complex at the moment. But given the investment and energy being put into this area, it won’t be for long. So in short order, I’ll be posting here, there and everywhere. I’ll comment on 100 different sites. And my site will track it all. Blogs are just the start – the tip of the iceberg. Blog will eventually fade from use, it’s meaning having suffused into the very nature of the web. So where does this put The Blog Studio? It’s an interesting question, and one I’m putting a bit of thought into. I’m in Austin as SXSW as I write this, sitting in on a panel on blogging. It’s one of about 50 blogging related panels going on this weekend. Clearly, the term blogging isn’t disappearing today. All the same, language is a funny thing. It will be interesting to watch where this goes.

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