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Blog Design by Blog Designers We’re hard at work on two new short guides: A Guide to Business Blogging for Small Business Owners, and A Guide to Hiring and Working With Web Designers. The Guide to Business Blogging is a thorough rewrite of the popular e-book I released last year. Since I sat down to write it the first time, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to a number of groups and teach a couple of courses aimed at the business blogger. This new edition is more targeted towards the small business owner, and offers a ton of tips and how-to information. The Guide to Hiring and Working With Web Designers is intended to demystify the design process, and equip the client to make smart buying decisions. Areas covered include rates, timelines, what to expect, a glossary of design terms, samples of work in progress, and more. Both guides will be available as free pdf downloads. To be notified when the guides are available for download, please click here to send a quick note. Note that your email will not be shared, and you will only receive one message informing you of publication. I won’t abuse your email inbox. Ever!

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