I remember my first 2 years at The Blog Studio like it was yesterday; explaining to everyone that would listen what a blog was.

And put on our big boots we did. I remember my first 2 years at The Blog Studio like it was yesterday; explaining to everyone that would listen what a blog was. At the time all our clients were American and everyone I spoke with in Toronto was fascinated by my information about blogging but were still very unsure of it being a thing. I remember the day I realized blogging hit mainstream, I was watching The O. C. when one of the characters (Seth) said to another character (Ryan)… “I’m going to write about this on my blog”. I was by myself at home and my jaw dropped, I got up and started jumping up and down. After I calmed myself, I looked around hoping there was a witness to confirm that moment and assure me I wasn’t imagining it. Over the years I’ve had that same feeling with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Seeing check in signs in stores for the first time or hashtags displayed on TV programs. It always excites me when anything in the digital space that I use and love becomes popular to the masses. Our services have grown over the years from design and development to digital strategy including all aspects of social media. We are constantly trying out new things, submersing ourselves in every aspect of online culture and ensuring we stay up on the latest technologies. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients throughout the years (too many to name), in industries like fitness, politics, health & wellness, technology, sports, beverages, etc.. I’ve spent time with each and every account, learning about industries that were never on my radar and I feel like the luckiest person in the world for it. One thing is for sure. I owe everything to all the great members of The Blog Studio team, past and present. I have been so lucky and grateful to have such dedicated, loyal and cool people working with me every day (special mention to Michael Caputo who has been with us since year 1). I’ve always wanted to keep The Blog Studio to a boutique size placing importance on quality over quantity and ensuring we always focus on our passions. I’d like to give a big shout out to our founder and my dear friend Peter Flaschner – if it wasn’t for him throwing out his back, lying in bed and starting The Blog Studio who knows where we would all be today. Peter’s creativity and insight helped lead us all on this great adventure. Looking forward to many more years of great clients, great bloggers, new social networks and growing this incredible team. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest where we share tidbits, links, videos and images from our favourites on the web.

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