Who Said It Would Be Easy?!

Who Said It Would Be Easy?! There are several goals I am trying to accomplish during July and it has been one tough month! The first goal is finding a job. Yeah, I must re-enter the workforce but this time, the job search is so strange. It will be one year in August since I lost my job to the failing economy. My last job search was in January 1999 and it took me two weeks to land a job but today, employers have so many stages or hoops to jump through! For instance, one job I have applied for will take two months just to find out if I get to train for the job or not! Then an additional eight weeks to train before I know if I have the job or not. That’s four months and no, this is not to work for the FBI or CIA either. No one told me it was gonna be like this..argh! With all the gum shoeing I have been doing in search of a job, I am staying a bit fit and don’t see a need any time soon for the fat burner pill I was contemplating to buy to help shed a few pounds! Between the heat and exhaustion, I don’t have much of an appetite and the movement of climbing in and out of the car, walking in and out of offices, walking across parking lots, and up and down stairs is doing me a lot of good. Until I receive a permanent offer, I will continue to beat the pavement in search of a new position!

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