Alpha XTRM Review: Is it as Great as they Claim?

Alpha XTRM Review: Is it as Great as they Claim? I am on a mission. A mission for bigger muscles, ripped body, and overall improved workouts. I came upon Alpha XTRM recently while searching for the latest supplement on the market to help improve my workouts. I have seen hundred, literarily hundreds, of websites so far and after getting completely overwhelmed I decided to just pick one and do a review on it. I want to try the supplement for one month and see if I get results and if I am happy with what it offers. Of course, my expectations are rather low considering that I have tried several so far and they have been less than impressive. At this point its more about finding something that doesn’t have negative effects over something that blows my mind as with every new supplement I try I am more and more convinced that no such thing exists. A bit about myself. I am a 34 yr old. I have been working out heavily over the last 8 years and spend at least 4 days a week in the gym. I wish I could find time and energy for more but so far this is as much as I can do. Although I am not looking to become a bodybuilder I do want to maintain a good chizzled body and look good and be healthy. I eat a relatively strict diet and focus on no less than 4 days a week intensive workouts. With that said, I want a supplement to help me get more out of my workouts and help me maintain energy and motivation as with each passing year I feel less and less energetic and able to keep up in my workouts. So, here is my review of Alpha XTRM in hopes that I have found that winning supplement and perhaps help others in their mission for a perfect body. What is Alpha XTRM? So, the official website is far from impressive. Actually, with all the websites that I’ve visited it actually feels that there are no more than 2-3 structures which they follow and they all look identical. This website is far from original and it feels like the only thing that they’ve changed from other websites that I’ve visited is the name of the product and perhaps the list of ingredients. The rest is 100% identical to the other website, to an extent including the actual text and information. They claim that their supplement will help you build lean muscle, increase strength, improve endurance, and overall reinvent your body. Their “extraordinary” formula, which may I add is nothing all too different from other formulas I’ve seen, will give you the power, energy, and endurance to experience workouts like never before. One of their key points is that the supplement helps boost Nitric Oxide (NO) which is an essential of late for nearly all muscle building supplements. It is considered the muscle molecule which helps maintain overall health and the growth of all of the body’s cells as it helps improve the flow of blood to the organs and muscles. They claim that since the supplement is 100% natural that it has no side effects. I would like to stop them right there. This is FAR from the truth and regardless how natural a supplement may be it is important to remember that there is always a chance of side effects. After all, you are taking in substances which your body may not be used to some of which really do have side effects, even if they are mild. So, don’t expect this to be a completely side effect free experience. Though in general most of the ingredients, which I will discuss further later, are relatively simple and well known without any harsh side effects it all depends on how your body will respond to them. Benefits of Alpha XTRM Of course, there is no shortage of benefits. I am actually surprised they stopped at this short list as usually they are a lot more extensive and overblown but this is more than enough to see what results you can expect. Reduced body fat % Increased metabolism Recovery time cut in half Boosted endurance More energy Increased protein synthesis Nothing extraordinary here. I like that they were simple in their words and list and did not overshoot the possibilities of the supplement, or at least didn’t sound like it. Whether it can really achieve this is another question. One thing that I did not find in the website is how long it takes for these effects to take place. Ingredients found in Alpha XTRM One thing I did like about the website is that they do share ingredient information. It is common with supplements like these for them not to show the actual ingredients in the supplement. Though I will not go entirely into detail I do want to say that I have researched each of these ingredients in full. I can say that some have shown to be somewhat effective, while others have absolutely no effects towards the benefits that they have listed. Also, they are not harsh which means that you should not experience serious side effects. Perhaps some upset stomach until you get used to them or dizziness but nothing really serious. It all depends on your body and how it responds. Calcium – pretty well known ingredient which has a dynamic impact on various areas of your health. Aside from strengthening teeth and bones it also has a slimming effect on metabolism. It is also known to be instrumental to your overall cardiovascular system. Vitamin C – everyone knows the benefits of Vitamin C. It has numerous benefits including protecting your body from infections all the while maintaining the overall health and even strong bones. It is a very effective and powerful antioxidant which keeps the body clean while maintaining and enhancing the metabolism. Folate – also known as Vitamin B12 this critical component is essential for cell repair as well as overall maintenance. It is known for controlling general weight. Lovage – is a herb that is cultivated naturally. It is known to help clean the body of unwanted impurities all the while helping the cells in the body stay healthy, keeping a lean physique, and staying strong. L-Taurine – this is a pretty well known ingredient for most similar supplements. It is a non-essential amino acid which is known to help strengthen the muscles of the heart, has a great benefit of lowering cholesterol, and of course is a very powerful antioxidant. L-Citrulline – another popular ingredient in similar supplements is a potent component which has the ability to enhance strength, boost metabolism, and helps touchen skin tissue which results in much harder and bigger musculature. So, I have researched these ingredients at one point or other while researching similar supplements as I see that in general ingredients usually repeat themselves from supplement to supplement. Which leads me to believe that this supplement will be just as effective, or ineffective, as the rest. The ingredients usually have very little research done on them especially when it comes to using them for improving workouts or the physique of the body in general. Some are somewhat effective, while some are in a completely different ballpark and I honestly have no idea what their reason for being in the supplement are except for improving overall health but as part of a muscle building supplement they really have no effects. Though I am almost certain there will be some minimal effects I cannot say it will be mind blowing but we’ll see. How does Alpha XTRM Work? So, they have focused on Nitric Oxide here. They don’t really mention how the rest of the ingredients fall into place here. What NO is, is an influential additive that helps the muscle relax smoothing out the cells that surround the blood vessels naturally. This means that it helps widen the inner walls of the arteries thus allowing maximum delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. This helps improve the overall results when you work out and delays muscle fatigue. When you are working out you will be able to endure longer and stronger workouts while reducing the fatigue thus allowing you to get the max from your workouts. Though this is great I am not sure exactly how NO is increased as the ingredients mention nothing about NO. Some do have some NO increasing benefits but nothing extraordinary. Regarding the rest of the ingredients they don’t specify exactly which and how but put them generally. What they claim is that they will help stimulate the natural nutrients in the body. This means that this will increase the availability of calcium, Vitamin C, and amino acids in the body. This also results in increased NO which strengthens the blood flow, blood vessels, and heart. This gives your workouts the power and endurance you need for your metabolism and your strength to get great results while you are in the gym. How and Where to Buy Alpha XTRM I have tried to find this supplement in stores and other online supplement shops but was unable to find it anywhere. It seems that it is available only through their website and through their Free Trial offer. You cannot simply buy a bottle and be done but have to go through their “Free” trial in order to get it which automatically brings up the red flag. I avoid these types of scams like the plague as when I first started out on my search I was caught up in a trial like this and lost a LOT of money for a product that was less than impressive and I had actually stopped taking. These are the terms: You pay for shipping and handling which is $4.99. This seems like a great deal right? Well, initially yes. What most people do though is overlook the small writing at the bottom of the page and don’t click on the terms and conditions where it clearly states that you have only 14 days to try this supplement. These 14 days start from the day you order so technically you probably have about 10 to actually try it which is far less than what is needed to really experience it. Then if you do not call and cancel, and in turn, return the rest of the supply provided, you are automatically charged a hefty charge of $99.99. This is far more than I would ever be willing to pay for a supplement like this. Also, if you still do not call and cancel you will be charged $99.99 every month as you will continue to receive a new supply of the supplement. This is absurd and a very expensive. Not to mention that this is one of the oldest scams with supplements. Why I DIDN’T Order Alpha XTRM So, although I think that the supplement MAY have been effective in improving my workouts I did not order it because I refuse to take part in any “free” trials. I have found from experience that it is nearly impossible to get out of them. They make it so difficult to cancel or difficult to get in touch with them that you end up spending a lot more than initially planned for something that you are not even using. In Conclusion…. Although I feel that there may be some positive benefits of the supplement and considering that it really does not have any serious side effects I feel that it actually may be a good one to try only if you can find it to buy the bottle and that is it. Also, the price for the supplement is outrageous and I personally would never pay this much money monthly for something that I feel would not really give me the results that they claim but simply help boost my workouts. The Alpha XTRM “Free” trial is one of the main reasons I decided not to order and what has made me consider this supplement, or at least the official website, a complete SCAM.

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