Top 10 Healthcare Careers

Top 10 Healthcare Careers Are you looking to join the exciting field of healthcare, but don’t know exactly which profession is right for you? With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the one that is perfect for you. This list may help you narrow down your search! The Top 10 Healthcare Careers 1. Registered Nurse - Nursing is one the fastest growing, most stable and sought after professions within the field. Nurses work in a variety of settings such as: hospitals, specialty care facilities, homes, schools, community centers and more. Facts: The median annual salary in 2008 was $62,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It also reported a projected growth of 581,500 new jobs in the next decade, as well as hundreds of thousands of jobs opening from retiring nurses. 2. Geriatric Care Nurse - This specialty field of nursing focuses on caring for those in the latter stages of life. Geriatric Care Nurses study how to prevent and care for diseases typical for the end of the life cycle. Facts: The median annual salary in 2008 was $80,000, according to the BLS. It is also expected to see a growth of 16% in the next decade. 3. Registered Dietitian - If you are passionate about healthy living and enable others to live a healthy, happy life through proper nutrition, then consider becoming a Dietitian! Facts: The median annual salary in 2008 was $50,000, with the range being $31,000-$74,000, according to the BLS. A 9% rise in demand for this field in the next decade is projected. 4. Dental Hygienist - Want to help people have a whiter, brighter, healthier smile? Similar to Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists assist the Dentist in the daily operations of the practice. Facts: The median annual salary in 2008 was $32,000, according to the BLS. There is an unbelievable 36% expected growth in demand in the next decade. 5. Veterinarian - Do you love animals? Veterinarians get to work and care for animals all day long and the financial compensation is impressive! Facts: This demand for veterinarian jobs are supposed to increase 33 percent in the next decade. While the range for earnings in this field is $46,000-$140,000, the median annual salary in 2008 was $80,000. However, veterinarians employed by the government made on average $93,000. 6. Radiologic Technician - Radiologic Technicians are in charge of administering x-ray tests and complex imaging procedures to patients. Facts: The average median salary in 2008 was $53,000, with the range being $35,000-$75,000. The growth is promising with an expected 17% in the next decade. 7. Clinical Social Worker - Social Workers have the incredible opportunity to better the mental and psychological health of their patients. They often work the government and help their patients overcome the emotional and mental challenges they may be facing in their situation. Facts: Clinical Social Workers in 2008 earned a median annual salary of $50,000, while the range was $35,000-$75,000. This field has a faster than average growth rate expected for the next decade. 8. Chiropractor - Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in the human body and its relation to the spine. Through physical manipulation of the spine, Chiropractors bring the body back into proper alignment for improved health and well-being. Facts: With an expected 20 increase in demand over the next decade, this growing profession is one of the highly desired occupations in the field. The median annual salary in 2008 was $67,000. However, a survey by Chiropractic Economics reports an average salary of $95,000. Many Chiropractors make well over $100,000 after several years of experience. 9. Personal Fitness (Personal Trainer) - Are you passionate about fitness and healthy living? Being a Personal Trainer is a rewarding profession that allows individuals to help people live healthier, better lives. With more and more individuals looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this profession continues to rapidly expand. Facts: The median annual salary in 2008 was $30,000, with an average range of $20,000-$60,000 and more. It is expected to grow 29% in the next decade. 10. Health Records Technicians - Responsible for the assembling of patients’ health information like test results, medical history, etc., Health Records Technicians are at the forefront of the transformation of the profession as we switch to an electronic records system. Facts: The median annual salary in 2008 was $30,000. Employment growth is also expected to increase 20% over the next decade.

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