Curvy Bust Review: Increase Breast Size or Decrease Pocketbook for Another Scam?

Curvy Bust Review: Increase Breast Size or Decrease Pocketbook for Another Scam? If you are like me with very tiny breasts then finding out that there is a product like Curvy Bust you too would be ecstatic. I have tried numerous different types of methods of making my breasts bigger but nothing so far has worked or has had negative side effects. Not to mention that unfortunately in most cases the goal is to rob you of your hard earned money rather than really help. I have ordered numerous supplements, creams, and natural products online in the past and have learned my lesson. This is why I am sharing my findings so as to perhaps help anyone out there that is interested in this product but is unsure if it is for them or if it is safe to order from this website. Selecting the right product is difficult, it is even harder pinpointing a scam and knowing exactly what you are getting into. Though at first glance it seems promising I have a hard time trusting a product. This is a cream that claims that it is the ultimate surgery alternative for fuller breasts. It helps trigger natural breast enhancement making it the ideal choice for women with small breasts or that are flat chested. It is a cream formula which consists of all natural ingredients. You will enjoy enhanced in size and more supple breasts. The best part is that after using for just a couple weeks you will start seeing results. This is possible through the stimulation of new cell growth in the breast tissue (mammary glands). What makes this great is that it actually mimics the process in which your breasts naturally develop while pregnant or during puberty. How to get results: It is actually surprisingly simple. All you do is apply the Curvy Bust cream two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. When applying the cream massage it in circular motion onto the breasts until full absorption. Do this every day for 2-3 weeks and you will start seeing noticeable results. What I liked about the official website is that they made sure to provide you with a list of ingredients as well as a brief description of them and what their purpose is in the product. It was a little difficult reading them though as they changed very quickly and there was no way to pause so I can also write down the name for further research. Each ingredient, as per the official website, has been hand-picked for its ability to naturally stimulate healthy breast tissue growth and in turn help enhance breast size. 7 Ingredients: Blessed Thistle: Native to the Mediterranean this ingredient has very powerful estrogen properties which are known to help boost breast size. I have added the WebMD page for this ingredient however it speaks only briefly about its use topically and I could not find anything confirming the claims or possible side effects. Damiana: – This flowering plant which is native to the Gulf of Mexico, South Africa, and the Caribbean contains a very high concentration of phytoestrogen which is plant estrogen. This stimulates development of sensitive breast tissue. I could not find any information about topical use of this ingredient, the one thing I did find about its topical use is that it is actually never used topically. Dandelion Root: This ingredient comes up in numerous products for increasing breast size as it boosts production of breast cells and improves overall health of the breast tissue. It has no side effects and offers fast results. In most cases I have found that it is used internally rather than topically. Dong Quai: This ingredient has been chemically proven to improve hormone related health issues in women. It has shown to boost estrogen levels thus helping increase breast size. Kava Kava: This plant is found in the western Pacific and is known to help increase the production of prolactin. This is one of the hormones which is responsible for promoting breast growth. I found no information of topical use of this ingredient. Motherwort: This ingredient helps increase breasts naturally. Unfortunately I found absolutely no information to actually confirm this though it does have other topical uses. Possible side effects of topical application are sensitivity to the sun and rashes. Wild Yam: This herb encourages breast health in general and is easily absorbed into the cells of the skin which gives your breasts that full look. Though it is perfectly safe to apply to the skin there is no information that I found to confirm that it is effective in increasing breast size. Though the ingredients all look great and I have seen them in other creams and supplements for breast enhancement I have yet to read a study or a medical document stating they are effective. This is where they lost me. Honestly, I was considering buying but it is simply way too expensive for my pocketbook. One of the most important things to remember is that this is a trial offer. The trial is not for the full month supply but a period of 15 days from the day you order. You pay only shipping and handling which starts at $5.00 and have the 15 days to try the cream. Unfortunately, this is not enough time to really see results. After the trial period is over your card will be charged $79.00 for the supply you have received and you will be signed up for their monthly shipping program. This means that every month you will be sent a new supply of Curvy Breast and will be charged $79.00 plus shipping. Though I am no fan of the “free” trial offers which offer little to no information about prices or that the trial is only 15 days, once you have read the terms and conditions and are well aware of what and how you will be charged I see no problem. The problem for me is that it was simply too expensive for me to experiment with. I do think that Curvy Breast could be effective and as long as you are aware of the terms of their free trial offer the website is not a scam.

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