The Dentistry Price

The Dentistry Price I never thought that a dental check-up can cost as much as a good pair of shoes, not until friend of mine told me her nightmares on dental check-up. Her dental check-up nightmares have nothing to do with Elm Street, and not in any way connected to any movies for that matter. It has something to do with her son’s first dental. Her son was complaining of a toothache which went for days and some fever. Being a mom, her first cue was to search for a Family Dentist but found out later that dentists vary by age. Then as she made the appointment and got to the clinic, she has to pay $75 for the check-up alone. She said they even made an x-ray on his teeth and gums. Afterwards, the nightmare begun. She said her son’s teeth had cavities and she was told that they would be doing some preventive measures to ensure the teeth’s healthy growth. It was normal for any mom to agree, but has to gulp air when she saw how much it would cost. It’s over $2000 just for it to be done! I can imagine her smile went stiff seeing that figure. She thank the receptionist, considered her options for her son and gone home. What happened in the end was that she didn’t go back to the dentist.. She just told her son to brush his teeth well and good and reminds him daily. Now, her son doesn’t complain anymore of any aching tooth. Lesson: Prevention is better than cure. Or something like that.

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