SiDNA fighting cancer DNA

SiDNA fighting cancer DNA Therapeutics has been developing a wide range of innovative medicines based on its siDNA technology platform. It has successfully optimized delivery for its 1st lead product, DT01 by integrating the best available knowledges and technologies in compliance with medical practice and regulatory guidelines. It has also established the following strategy of clinical development to mitigate risk and shorten time-to-market: To date, preliminary clinical data show: Remarkable local, systemic safety, immune tolerance; Dose-dependent antitumor activity correlated with systemic exposure; Significant tumor response. These encouraging early clinical results consolidate the proof of concept of Dbait-DT01, and warrant further clinical development of DT01. It also shows that the data obtained in animals is predictive of the clinical outcome in patients. This secures further development in other selected indications. Next DT01 clinical development will focus on: demonstrating clinical PoC of systemic antitumor activity of DT01 combined with organo-platinum containing chemotherapies in patients with locally advanced metastatic cancer not responding to or relapsing following the 1st line chemotherapy and for whom organoplatinum containing 2nd line chemotherapy is considered ; improving the standard of care in the intermediate stage of Hepatocellular carcinoma-hepatic metastases - transarterial chemoembolization, in combination with DT01.

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