Top 7 Technologist Jobs in the Healthcare Industry

Top 7 Technologist Jobs in the Healthcare Industry Technologist jobs are some of the highest paying healthcare careers that require minimal prerequisites and educational background. If you’re interested in a lucrative healthcare career, but don’t want to spend eight years in school, consider these Top 7 Technologist Jobs in the Healthcare Industry. Surgical Technologist. Work as an integral member of a surgery team in a hospital or other medical setting. Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Nuclear medicine helps fight cancer and other sensitive healthcare conditions. Learn how to operate nuclear medicine equipment and the latest healthcare technologies. Radiation Technologist. The radiation technologist specializes in radiation treatment for cancer patients in hospitals and other medical settings. Radiologic Technologist. Radiologic technologists are responsible for the operation and maintenance of delicate x-ray equipment. Be part of exciting diagnostic teams with this education and career choice. Medical Laboratory Technologist. The Medical Laboratory Technologist works in laboratory diagnostics to help find out what’s wrong with patients, and how to treat them. Cardiovascular Technologist. Specialize in diagnosing conditions of the heart in cardiovascular technology. This involves both invasive and noninvasive diagnostic methods and works side-by-side with the vascular sonographer. Health Records and Information Technologist. Take part in the enormous movement to electronic healthcare records as a health records and information technologist. In the healthcare industry, technologists are often closely related to technicians in educational background and certification. For instance, the differences between a “medical laboratory technologist” and a “medical laboratory technician” is in which is qualified for research; these minuet differences may mean the difference in which career path you decide on though, so do research and ask questions when looking at healthcare degree programs for your education. Looking for an online healthcare degree program to get you started on your technologist career? Check out our Healthcare Schools section to learn more!

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