Goodbye, First Tooth!

Goodbye, First Tooth! So, our not-so-little Triz has been the recipient of a lot of ‘Congratulations!’ in her class today. That is, after having lost a tooth, for the first time. She has been wishing to lose her first wiggly tooth for a long time now because she said she was the only one left among her classmates that hasn’t lost a tooth and she became the subject of tease often. Last Sunday was a historic April 14, or her as she bade goodbye to her first tooth! She said she will be blogging about it over at her I Am Triz blogsite when she can get a chance. The mother that I am, I was the most excited person on earth that day! It seems like it was just yesterday when I was 7 and my Papa Jose pulled my first tooth out using a sewing thread and I had to chew on guava leaves right after to stop the bleeding. Now, it happened to my very own daughter as I cheered on her up while the Daddy used a clove hitch knot using a dental floss tied on the wiggly tooth and pulled it after a few tricks as if he was a dentist! Hahaha! It sure equaled to a happy 6-year-old patient! No Toothfairy for her but she sure deserves a dollar for being so brave! Today, when the husband got home from work, he handed me $75 without any reason. He said I might want to put it in my pocket. I took it, but gave the $35 to Triz as her reward for being so daring and brave when we pulled her first tooth. The 6-year-old toothless kiddo was grinning exclaiming that it’s nice to lose a tooth as it makes her an even richer soul!

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