My Life and People

My Life and People In how many years has past through thick and thin, my high school friends and batchmates never failed to communicate using a well known social network. It's very common nowadays that people is using high-technology. Few days ago, my friend send me a message with regards of our batchmate condition. They circulated the message all through out our batchmates that our friend need our assistance because he was suffering malignant mesothelioma. He was working before in a shipyard company were he was exposed from asbestos. Recently he just noticed feeling heavier and shortness of breath. He just found out when the doctor told him that he had cancer. Too bad for him because this type of cancer could not be detected earlier. You will just be surprised 10-20 years after the exposure. Having a mesothelioma disease is not easy and could drown you of debts. He cannot undergo therapy unless somebody will support him and fight with his condition. All he wanted to do is to file a claim to the industry. The question is how could he file and were to file a claim since the industry was closed. Hopefully my friend could survive. Although he look so ill but then trying to find some solutions to fight for his recovery. He's chances is very slim to survive and hoping for a cure. We encourage his family to look for a Mesothelioma Lawyer to guide him for filing a claim. As what I know based on the informations I read a Mesothelioma Attorney would be in great help because these are the groups of lawyers specializes only this type of cases. It's never too late, he should not lose hope.

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