A Boy or a Girl? What Will I Have?

A Boy or a Girl? What Will I Have? Most of my friends and all of my family already know about our desire to have another child. Our daughter turns 5 years old next week and she is now so ready to become a big sister. It’s been several months now of working on it, but the Good Lord hasn’t provided us with a positive result just as yet. It’s fine, since my wish is to give birth Spring next year so He might just be putting me in the perfect timing. With that, we trust everything in Him. The next question is, what do I want? A boy or a girl? Obviously, since we already have a daughter, a son would be more than perfect! However, data in our family showed that having a boy is so rare because my own family is girl-dominant while the husband’s is just neutral. My older sibling’s history revealed, too, of the dominance of femininity. With that, it doesn’t really matter. Boy or girl, as long as it is a healthy baby, it will be a blessing and one who deserves life and so much love! I still remember my pregnancy five years ago. I took a lot of pregnancy quizzes including one of those baby gender prediction quizzes and sure enough, I was told I was having a girl. Ha ha ha. With my soon pregnancy, I shall not fail to take the same test again. How thrilling, right? It’s always exciting to know what your baby’s gender is even if he, she is still inside your womb. How about a gender predictor kit, do you know about it? It is actually my first time hearing this one and I am ecstatic! This urine gender prediction test is an easy and fun way to find out the sex of your baby. Just a drop of a pregnant woman’s urine sample will reveal a result in 15 seconds and the result section of the kit will show like this whether it be a boy or a girl:

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