Military Financial Aid for Healthcare

Military Financial Aid for Healthcare The United States Armed Services offers several educational opportunities, including training for healthcare or computer-related careers during enlistment. After several years of service, military personnel may apply for the Montgomery GI Bill or the new Post 9/11 GI Bill, which may be used for healthcare education regardless of if the student remains active duty, reserve, or retires as a veteran. Some of the other financial aid programs available to military students pursuing a healthcare education: The Tuition Assistance Program pays thousands of dollars for full-time active duty members. The Eligible College Fund Program enlistees receive tens of thousands of dollars towards college tuition when combined with the GI Bill and upon honorable discharge. Registered nurses that are enlisted qualify for loan repayment programs, sign-up bonuses, and may work towards a degree in nurse practitioner or as a physician assistant. Students with a pre-med degree may have their medical or dental school paid for while in service. For prospective healthcare students with a spouse or parent currently in the military, the Post 9/11 GI Bill also offers family transfer benefits upon agreement of continued service. The spouse or parent must already have several years of prior service to qualify. Like hospitals, the military suffers from a shortage of healthcare workers. They welcome healthcare workers for the long haul and provide assistance to achieving the healthcare education of your choice. In addition, anyone working for the government may receive deductions and pardons from their student loans. The best way to find out more about the military financial aid programs available to prospective healthcare students is to call your local recruiter. Veterans Benefits GI Bill is also an excellent resource.

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