Mission & Strategy

Mission & Strategy DNA Therapeutics is a private clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the R&D of life-saving therapeutics to combat treatment-resistant cancers. It is based on a paradigm-shift technology, DNA repair signal jamming, also named siDNA, which deals with DNA repair pathways as a global target. Progression of cancer is associated with the deregulations in multiple pathways responsible for controlling cell growth and differentiation including DNA repair processes. Discovery and development of new drugs at DNA Therapeutics are based on the knowledge of DNA damage sensing, signaling and repair. This is an original approach to improve the efficacy of conventional therapies in the treatment of resistant cancers. Developing the cutting-edge technologies and innovative medicines that will significantly improve the treatment of cancer by inhibiting DNA repair related processes, overcoming cancer resistance, thus addressing highly unmet medical needs. Exploiting the utmost from siDNA technology, a pathway targeting and mechanism-oriented approach, and adding progressively other anticancer weapons to enrich its armamentarium/product pipeline through a business-driven drug development in order to establish strategic partnership for late stage development, marketing and commercialization. Entering the biopharmaceutical arena thanks to a proprietary cutting edged DNA repair signal jamming technology and innovative medicines with strong translational research support from the renowned public research institutions;

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