Readathon Activity: Clutter and Hording Rehab

Readathon Activity : Clutter and Hording Rehab As one of the hosts of activities going on in the Clear Away the Clutter Read-a-thon, I thought to myself - why not help myself while helping others? So, welcome to therapy. The first step is admitting you have a problem...Hi. My name is Kristen and I am a bookaholic, a compulsive bookbuyer, and horder of books. Welcome to rehab. Now maybe you only fit in one of those categories, but I think at some time we find ourselves surrounded by our hobbies. For example... I went out and bought a new bookshelf because I simply ran out of room. Unfortunately, I already filled it:Now, you may ask why I would say the word Unfortunately.. and here's the reason why:Yes, that is a bin and a few stacks of books. These books have not found a home. I do have some shelf space but the reality is.. these will only get bigger..I know your problems may not be as big as mine.. maybe it's that you tend to leave a pile of finished books on your nightstand that should really be on a bookshelf. Or you go to the library and end up with more books than can fit in your fairly sized canvas bag. Or maybe.. you really only have a small portion of books and they're all unread. Let's face it. We need a little more organization in our lives sometimes. So, what is the point of all of this? What do you have to do to enter to win one of my favorite debut novels - A Spy in the House by Y. S. Lee and get an extra point in the overall contest? Let's break this down - if you're not a blogger, you can email me this information and I can 1. post it for you or 2. just count it as an entry without posting it. If you ARE a blogger - I want a post of some sort on your blog. And here's what I want.#1 I want a picture. Whether you want to prove to me that you truly are more organized and don't have a problem or want to face your reality and show me what's wrong. Maybe it's a stack of review books, an untidy bookshelf, or books lining the space next to your bed or couch.. or a really tidy bookshelf that will make me envious..If you don't have a camera, you can describe it for me. :)#2 Make a plan. How are you going to break through those 10 review books? How do you plan to move the books from the floor to... bins, bookshelves, etc.. or if you're a super organized person, share a tip!#3 Implement the plan. Plan to work on this during the readathon - whether it's tackling a stack at a time, reading a review book every other book you read, etc. Start TODAY. And if you're that irksome organized person - give some more advice to us that are not so fortunate. Okay, contest ends Sunday night. Do the Mr. Linky below or email me at dragonzgoil at gmail dot com. Open to US & Canada. If International person is selected, they will win a swag pack and I will reselect a winner for the book. Please include the link directly to your post, thanks!

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