Natural Pain Relief Treatment Sheds Light on Chronic Pain Management

Natural Pain Relief Treatment Sheds Light on Chronic Pain Management Sun-lovers rejoice! Did you ever think that a little time in the sun could help alleviate your chronic pain, lessen fibromyalgia symptoms, maintain your immune system and lift your mood? Evidence is emerging suggesting that vitamin D may play a role in the treatment of chronic pain, at least according to a recent article from Health. com. When you bask in the sunshine, your body produces vitamin D, which is essential for strong, healthy bones. It just might be that your days at the beach are a way to get effective and natural pain relief. The article presents conflicting evidence and theory on the role of vitamin D in chronic pain treatment and fibromyalgia relief. Studies have found that patients suffering from pain, including fibromyalgia, are more inclined to be vitamin D deficient than other pain-free individuals. Now, here comes the dilemma. Is it because pain sufferers get less sun or does a natural vitamin D deficiency lead to pain? Vitamins are big business and the high demand for vitamin D supplements is reflected by the $235 million Americans spent on them in 2008, according to a study. With an increased interest in natural pain relievers, a lot of individuals are seeking out natural remedies to all that ails them. A natural pain reliever is desirable because it tends to be less abrasive on the system and produce less side effects. While there is definitely the need for more research to be done, many experts believe supplementing with vitamin D may be a good treatment for chronic pain, according to Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD. The medical director at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Plotnikoff, says, “Many Americans are reporting that replenishing their vitamin D results in significantly reduced pain, increased energy, and better sense of well-being.” But should sunshine really be added to the long and growing list of natural pain relief products? Some Physicians would argue that pain patients are more prone to a vitamin D deficiency due to their inactivity and insufficient diets, claiming that any supposed benefit in terms of the sun providing natural pain treatment is due entirely to correlation, rather than causation. So for now, the benefits of vitamin D and its role in natural chronic pain relief is still being reviewed and researched, but even if it doesn’t relieve pain, it may help in boosting mood and preventing cancer. Vitamin D may also protect you from that nasty, common cold, meaning that it at least plays some role in preventative natural pain therapy. The Health. com article quotes a 2009 study that showed colds and other respiratory tract infections were found more frequently in people with lower levels of Vitamin D. Asthma sufferers and people with low vitamin D are six times more likely to get a cold, and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis and emphysema included) were at two to three times the risk. Dietitians and nutritionists will tell you to be sure to consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially those with the big D. If you want to chew on some liquid sunshine, stock up on these foods rich with vitamin D: cod liver oil salmon sardines milk fortified cereals eggs tuna fish swiss cheese yogurt liver Managing chronic pain can be exhausting and discouraging but, there is a wealth of information to help you. With many treatment options available, it is important to find what works best for you and your lifestyle. So, take a little time out in the sun and soak up some of that D!

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