35th Week, More Tests, Bed Rest; Almost There!

35th Week, More Tests, Bed Rest; Almost There! It feels like forever when you’re waiting for something really special to come. In my case, Baby #2. I am on my 35th week now and all the physical hassles, the sleepless nights, the discomforts, the… the… the… are but the reasons why every day is such a drag. Add to that the summer heat wave that many parts of the US are experiencing including our place! Oh, it is a torture to be dealing with all those. However, I have a few more weeks left and then we shall see our second bundle of joy already. It’s all worth the wait for sure! These days, this building here in Stevens Point, WI is my frequent hideout. Lol. The St. Michael’s Hospital by the Ministry Medical Group: Normally, prenatal visits will be done weekly when one is on the last four weeks of the 40-week-pregnancy duration. However, in my case, beginning Week 34, I started with the weekly visit because I am asked to undergo a fetal nonstress-test; a simple, painless procedure to monitor the baby’s heartbeat– first while the baby is resting and then while she’s moving. Even with my managed and monitored hypertension, I am considered to have a high-risked pregnancy; thus the test. So far, so good though! I have not had a problem at all with the two test results that I have already done. Baby #2 inside my womb is super active that she even gives me sleepless nights every night. Aside from the NST, I am also doing a regular ultrasound so although those presses by forces extended to my belly are painful at times, it is a treat to see Baby #2 doing very well in her sanctuary. On my 34th week ultrasound, she weighed 5 lbs flat so I am not worried at all to have a huge baby when she comes out. Ate Triz was only 6.1 lbs so I am expecting the second one to be just around that weight, too. Even with my fast growing belly, I am confident that there’s a lot of fluids down there as I am a big time H2O drinker! After this past week’s heat wave and busy schedule though that made me so active and restless, my blood pressure rose and the result of the second 24-hour-urine test asked of me was elevated. I’ve had severe swelling on my legs, feet, and arms which made my doctors conclude that I have developed a mild preeclampsia. Thus, they advised me on a bed rest starting Friday until further test results would stabilized. There is nothing to worry though! I feel like everything is normal for me and there is no major pains at all, but my doctors are just so careful and watchful of me. Even on weekends, they monitored me to see how I am doing. I feel like it’s an over reaction, but I am thankful for such gesture. It makes me feel like I am getting the best care that the husband is paying for our health insurance! Lol. The OB-GYN team of St. Michael’s Hospital. Only 2 among the 10 haven’t handled me. I can’t wait till all these tests are done! I am almost there. My housemates are here for me, supporting me all the way and although I worry that I might go into labor any day now and my parents-in-law are not here with us yet they’re flying from Vegas to here on the 23rd; that late because they have their finger print appointment days before that, I am sure we can find a way to manage our time and God will send us people to help us watch for Triz. Until then, I shall enjoy the remaining days of carrying this precious soul inside me. I can feel a lot of Braxton Hicks already, and God knows when this little one will come out! Please pray for me as I deal with the dreadful labor and childbirth scene soon. Lol. Thank you!

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