Vascular Sonographers - A Day in the Life

Vascular Sonographers - A Day in the Life Have you ever wondered what would it be like to be a Vascular Sonographer? Sonography is a medical imaging process involving high-frequency sound waves projected through patients’ bodies, producing an image based on reflective echoes. Physicians then use these images to determine medical courses of action based on their professional diagnoses. Follow Macy, a Vascular Sonographer, through a typical day: 7 a. m. – Alarm goes off just in time to shower and arrive at the hospital by 8 a. m. to work her 8-hour shift. 8 a. m. – Macy checks in and begins the first of 10-12 sonograms she will perform throughout the day. 9 a. m. – She fills out some paperwork and checks in on one of her patients who is experiencing severe abdominal pains, providing care and consulting with the doctor on the patient’s situation. 10:45 a. m. – Macy obtains and records a patient’s history to ensure the doctor and staff have the correct information. 12 p. m. – Macy consults with the doctor about the diagnostic images she captured earlier. As a part of a healthcare team, Macy’s role is to work together to provide the highest quality, holistic care to every patient. 1 p. m. – Macy takes a quick lunch to recharge. 1:30 p. m. – More patients are seen and Macy carefully analyzes the information she has recorded. She is seeing a returning patient and she identifies a blood clot in his heart that the doctor overlooked which will require immediate surgery. She explains the diagnosis with the patient and rushes the doctor in to get the patient ready for surgery. The patient is rolled to the operating room and will live because of Macy’s thorough work. These are the days when Macy loves her job the most…when she knows her work has saved a life! 4 p. m. – Macy is supposed to go home now but another sonogram was scheduled so she will now have to stay until 5 p. m to complete the sonogram and the paperwork. 5 p. m. – Leaves for home and starts to cook dinner. 10 p. m. – Macy is going to sleep. She must get her rest for another exciting day of work tomorrow! Being a Vascular Sonographer is a fascinating and rewarding career in the Healthcare industry. Certified Sonographers are having no trouble finding well-paying positions in hospitals and doctor’s offices around the country, and with an 18 percent projected growth in demand between 2008-2018, even more positions and better pay are likely to be offered. If you’re interested in joining this exciting and lucrative field, check out our resources on finding an accredited Sonography Training Program, enrolling in a Vascular Sonography School, or a Diagnostic Medical Sonography Degree Program. With our help, you can find a school that fits your busy schedule and will help you accomplish all of your career goals!

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