10 Reasons Why the Health Care Industry is Booming

10 Reasons Why the Health Care Industry is Booming The health care industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Most students that are interested in a health care education have heard of this before; but before you go pursuing your health care degree, consider learning the 10 Reasons Why the Health Care Industry is Booming. It may give you the right direction to take your career! The aging baby boomer generation. The oldest of the baby boomer generation are now reaching seniority, which means an overwhelming among of elderly in need of health care. The increasing average lifespan. People are living longer thanks to medicine; but in order to keep that up, more medical workers are in demand to fill growing vacancies. The advancement of medicine technology. The more medicine advances, the more professionals with training are needed. Graduates from colleges, career schools, and medical schools are filling new roles that have come about thanks to today’s medicinal technology. Health care reform. The health care industry is undergoing rapid reform right now, including potential national health care. This reformation leads to more jobs. Electronic medical records. Electronic medical records, or electronic health care records, are part of the enormous health care reform. Until all the paper files are turned into electronic equivalents, there will be a huge demand for transcribers, coders, and other similar professionals. The availability of health care. Even if national health care is a far cry from reality, programs are constantly propping up that offer health care to United States citizens that would otherwise be without it. Combine this with the workers that are upgrading to bigger and better health care plans, and you have a higher demand for more health care workers across the country. A healthier generation. We’re evolving from a fast food to an organic food community, with more environmental and health awareness than our ancestors. This translates to more patients going to doctors with concerns about their health and well-being. Entirely new facets of medicine. As new methods to treat illnesses and conditions like HIV and cancer emerge, so will the professionals that can back these newer practices in medicine. The increasing population. In addition to the baby boomer’s—well, booming—the elderly populace, the overall population continues to expand every year. Health care workers are in demand for the young, the middle aged, and the old! High educational demands means the growth is always there. The more education that’s required for a job, the less pool of employees there are available to fill it. The health care industry has always been in the “growth” category with so many high-demand jobs that require six or more years of education.

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