10 Healthcare Careers You Didn't Know About

10 Healthcare Careers You Didn't Know About The healthcare industry is a vast and unexplored field of job titles and educational paths. Before starting your vocational or degree program in healthcare, consider these 10 Healthcare Careers You Didn’t Know About! You may find a career choice that will drive your educational and professional goals a new and exciting direction. Medical Transcriptionist. The medical transcriptionist is responsible for listening to medical research studies and other healthcare-related audio files and transcribing them into typed documents. This often requires the use of a foot pedal and may require schooling on medical terminology. It also requires a love for typing. Geriatric Care Manager. As the baby boomer population continues to age, the demand for healthcare workers that specialize in the elderly will also rise. Geriatric care managers adhere to this demand and combine traditional management with a love for the older members of our society. Sports Medicine Physician. If you love sports, a sports medicine physician career may be a rewarding option for you. The sports medicine physician is responsible for the treatment of athletes, both pro and amateur. Radiologic Technologist. The radiologic technologist is in high demand, but not many people consider it as a career choice; they specialize in the maintenance and operation of delicate x-ray machines. Imagine how x-rays are used in the diagnostics of our health, from hospitals to dentist chairs, and you can see the high demand of radiologic technologists yourself!< Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Nuclear medicine technologists, along with radiation technologists, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They also work with other advanced nuclear technologies. Surgical Technologist. You don’t have to be a surgeon to be an integral part of a surgery team. Surgical technologists are responsible for the sterilization and passing of equipment to surgeons. They’re also referred to as “scrubs” or “operating room technicians.”< Physical or Occupational Therapy Assistant. Physical therapists and occupational therapists specialize in the health of our physical bodies. They work with the injured and the elderly to reestablish movement and daily lifestyles. Many physical therapists and occupational therapists employ physical or occupational therapy assistants, respectively, to help with the treatment of patients. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. Medical billing and coding specialists are in high demand due to the movement to electronic healthcare records. They specialize in inputting data and require training in medical terminology and computers. Pharmacy Technician. Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists by interacting with customers, filling orders, and even partaking in limited mixing of medicines. They do not require as much training or schooling as pharmacists. Optometric Assistant. Many people overlook the assistants in specialized medicine practices like dentistry and optometry! Optometrist offices are often located outside of hospitals and require their own version of medical assistance. The optometric assistant is also a great starting point towards a later career as an optometrist. To learn more about different healthcare careers, check out the Top 10 In-Demand Healthcare Careers and the 10 Reasons Why the Health Care Industry is Booming.

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