Preparing for Childbirth

Preparing for Childbirth My wombmate, at 36 weeks, is now on a cephalic presentation. That means, she is positioned rightly now to come out. And yes, I am looking forward to push her out any day soon! Of course I dread the labor pains but I shall deal with it when it’ll come. Lol. I’ve had enough of those lab tests and twice a week visits to my OB-GYN for the Non-stress test that I am undergoing added to the prenatal checkups and I sure hope and pray that things will all be fine for me. I know so many loved ones and friends are praying for me so I am safe in God’s care. Last Thursday, the three of us enjoyed a tour to the Labor and Delivery Department of St. Michael’s Hospital. I wanted to be familiar with their birthing services and so my Doctor arranged a tour for us there. Having experienced giving birth with Triz in Illinois, it is nice to be able to see some differences or similarities. All I can say is, I love how homey the atmosphere is here in St. Michael’s. I love the flooring of the department which is hard wood– makes you feel like you are just home when you enter the section. The Nurse who toured us in all corners of the department showed us all rooms and all amenities and devices available. From the OR, surgical room, family lounge, nursery, normal delivery room, and even bathrooms, I liked how everything is set up. Gives me the comfort that I shall need when my time to check in comes. If all things will be normal and I’ll deliver Baby #2 normally, the room above will be a view of my accommodation. It is one of the comfortable, family-size LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum) birthing suites available that gives the feeling of a home than a hospital. The warm, inviting atmosphere features a fold-out couch for the support person, a recliner/rocker, flat-screen TV with DVD player and phone. If a cesarean birth is needed, there is an operating suite located in the same department. There are so many features and amenities that I actually find to be so neat and all I can say is: I am looking forward to my time to work it out! Ha ha! Another special thing that the L&D department does is this ritual: “The arrival of each baby is announced with a special chime played throughout the hospital. After the birth of baby, mom can order a special “Celebration Meal” for her and a guest. Every new mother receives an infant care kit and swaddler.” How neat, I thought! Preparing for childbirth has been getting more and more exciting and dreadful, too. Lol. The labor pains I have experienced 6 years ago are back in my memory time and again, but looking at this precious creature inside me simply gives me the courage to do my task when the time comes for me to do so.

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