Face Flash Review: The Advanced Anti-Aging Formula?

Face Flash Review: The Advanced Anti-Aging Formula? A friend said she is considering Face Flash and I figured, considering my experience with similar products, I would do a quick review before she ordered. Though I cannot guarantee if this really is the product for you I can at least give you some insight as to the details about the product as well as about the full price, terms of the trial, and other information you may miss by just reading the website. Many people overlook important things which are written in such a way so as to intentionally give you inaccurate information putting the product in better light than it really is. The marketing schemes of products shouldn’t be a deal breaker especially if the product is promising. The goal is to make sure you are well aware of the terms before ordering so you are not surprised with unauthorized charges and with the ingredients so you are not surprised with unknown side effects. Regardless how natural some products are, even natural ingredients have side effects and unlike chemicals, the way they affect one person could be completely different from the way they affect another so results always vary. The official website clams that the product will give you the ideal visible improvements in just one month. With a reduction in the visibility of wrinkles by 82% and 89% reduction of fine lines it certainly seems quite promising. There are no links for the study provided right there but at the bottom of the website in the footer there are two links for studies but I will share those later. The product works by restoring your youthful complexion so as to have healthier and smoother skin that truly glows. The formula in Face Flash is developed specifically to give you younger and fresher appearance of the skin by restoring it and working deep under the skin. This is possible through the regeneration of old skin cells and over time wrinkles begin to disappear and the skin becomes softer and smoother over time. The longer you continue using the product smile wrinkles and forehead lines begin to disappear. The studies provided for this product at the bottom of the website are “Synthetic Phytoceramides Induce Apoptosis with Higher Potency than Ceramides” and “A Genome-Wide Visual Screen Reveals a Role for Sphingolipids and Egosterol in Cell Surface Delivery in Yeast”. In both studies it has shown that there is significant effect in reducing wrinkles and proves the percentages noted in the website. Though unfortunately there is no list of ingredients at least they do provide these two studies which give some important insight as to how the product really works and what it contains in order for it to have these effects. There are several listed benefits of using this product though its mainly focused on making skin smoother and reducing the visibility of wrinkles. What I like about this is the fact that they don’t exaggerate and list numerous benefits making them up but rather stick to the important few instead of quantity. Diminish Visible Wrinkles – one of the first and most common signs of aging are wrinkles and this product will help restore the skin from deep down. The skin will become softer through proper hydration and with regular every day application you will be able to not only reduce visible wrinkles but also prevent new ones from forming, especially the difficult smile lines. Forever Young – though only in terms of skin but it will ensure that the cells of the skin remain soft and free from excess stretching thus reducing and preventing wrinkles. This will leave you with a healthier and younger appearance. Improve Self-Esteem – everyone knows the effects of not being fully satisfied with your looks and how age tends to really put down a person’s feelings about themselves. With this product your confidence will improve. Softer Skin – Skin is significantly softer over time which leads to reduction of wrinkles and the cracks which they commonly cause making the skin look aged. You skin will be softer to the touch and smoother in appearance. So, as the website does not provide all that much information to help me really decide whether it’s suitable and if it is trusted I decided to go to external websites to see what others have to say about it. Unfortunately, I did not find all that much information about it. I did find some rather interesting results, some were determined that this product is a complete scam and that the website is not to be trusted all the while advertising a different product which in other reviews the same thing is said. On the other hand there were some that claimed that it’s the holy grail of anti-aging creams and they have been using it for ages. Honestly, I don’t trust either! I went straight to the comments, forums, and individual accounts of people sharing their experiences. Though there, again, I found some promotional or anti-promotional information which has nothing to do with reality I did find some genuine responses how this product did have effect but they were unhappy with the terms of the free trial as they did not read them. This is the main reason people did not like this product, their Free Trial offer. The main reason they did not like it is because they did not read the terms and conditions and did not take the time to actually learn about the price and product. The initial price is $4.97 which is only for shipping. Though you get a full 30 day supply you actually have only 12 days to actually try the product from the day of purchase. It is important to note that if you do not want to be charged the full $139.97 for the 30 day supply you are sent you MUST call and cancel your Trial and send back the remainder of the product. You will also be enrolled in the auto-ship program where you will be charged the full price plus shipping every month as you will receive a new supply.

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