Travel Gets Social!

Travel Gets Social! This is the age of the internet. We do everything online. It’s fast, easy, full of information and it’s convenient. That’s what we like and that’s why we use it. And now, one of the things that has not been easy for everyone to do is getting an online upgrade: GROUP TRAVEL! That’s right, now those destination weddings, family reunions and annual friend getaways can be planned online, with the entire group taking care of their own parts and with constant and relevant communication throughout the process. This is a brilliant upgrade to the old system which presented 2 options to group travel planning: 1. Everyone knew what place they needed to go and what date they needed to get there by and they were on their own to find flights, hotel, rental car and other such amenities. 2. 1 person did all the work of booking flights, hotels, rental cars, fun activities, etc. and everyone else sat back and waited for confirmation. Oh yes, and the organizer needed to collect everyone’s money as well. However, that was then and this is now! With options like Flights with Friends, Kayak and Tripit you can have everyone communicate in real time about the best options available for the entire group. Everyone will stay updated on deadlines, deals and opportunities to make your group vacation one that you won’t forget (in a good way). Gone are the days of hoping that your travel mate will get all of their details handled or the stress of the group not all being in the same hotel or even arriving on the same day. Flights with Friends is an excellent example of the social media integration available right now. When you enable the Facebook private message function during your planning (email also available) group members can quickly and easily send important and timely information to the rest of the group. Group members can add flights when traveling from different cities, pin flights and hotels they like, set shared search filters and book while everyone else in the party gets notified. By taking the concept of individual booking for group travel and integrating it with social sharing elements there is no longer a need for “trip organizers” to hunt people down for money or to worry that people will be missing out on great deals because they weren’t notified. We can’t wait to book our next group trip now and test it all out. Let us know if you’ve used one of these services and how it all went.

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