Where the hell am I?

Where the hell am I? After years of running and supporting java applications, I have begun a journey into Java programming. My first program has produced some interesting fruit. Using some net-svengali magickery I will attempt to find your location without asking you for ANY details whatsoever. None of the usual “hello world” first program malarkey here! Just for the record, this does not use IP Geolocation initially – hence the accuracy in the cases that it works (normally ‘right on the doorstep’). If it fails to find a near exact fix for you, it will now try IP Geolocation (usually reported back as ‘a few miles away’). Its not an exact science and for many of you this wont work at all, so dont be surprised if the location you are shown isnt where you are – I’ll try to get as close as possible with the data available to the application at the time. I also havent tested it on a Mac yet so you Mac users may get weird results. This has been tested on Linux, Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7. Theoretically, this applet should be able to find you to within a few hundred metres of where you are right now. I guess what im trying to say is, I’m not making any representations that this will work for you – its just a bit of fun I came up with while learning Java. It also demonstrates to you how any site you visit can run a java applet which can tell them (in most cases) your near exact location. To address privacy concerns : I have no need for and do not keep any records of your location. The applet will not access any of your personal files. You will need to allow java applets and popups in your browser to try it out (the popup just goes to google maps). You may also be requested (by your browser) for permission to run the java application, just click run and give it a moment to do its work. you should then you should see a button which says ‘show me on a map’ – click that button for the results. If this works for you, please post up a comment and let me know how close I got to your true location and if it doesn’t, well that just goes to show you are not as traceable as some others out there in internet land. UPDATE: Reports are coming in that this does not work under safari or at all on any Mac. Your mileage may vary! If you cannot get this to work, please feedback your Browser version and Operating system version in a comment. Thanks!

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