Affiliate Marketers "SUPER BootCamp" - INSTANT Guided Video Tour

Affiliate Marketers "SUPER BootCamp" - INSTANT Guided Video Tour These recordings are stored in the archive, arranged by date, and are searchable by title and content so you can find what you’re looking for quickly. Live Q&A and Coaching: This course isn’t just an info packet you have to try and decipher. It’s a fully interactive online experience with scheduled live virtual coaching and question and answers session twice per month. He’s an expert with natural search engine results, SEO, outsourcing and traffic building. Not only is he the creator and teacher of the first ever (2001) class on affiliate marketing, he has since gone on to publish the top-selling Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook, and create the extremely popular Affiliate Marketer’s SUPER Bootcamp. You receive 1-2 audio interviews with each week's lesson. The interview focuses on the topic at hand giving you a third-party perspective from someone else who is actually in the business. Witness the success they are having with the techniques they are learning and share your own. Collaboration not only makes learning more fun and engaging, it also makes it much more efficient than trying to struggle through yourself. Professional Instruction: James Martell, your instructor, is a successful author, and has been a full-time Internet marketer since 1999. Coaching Club Archives: Each live Q&A and Coaching Session, held in the virtual conference room, is recorded in its entirety so you can watch the playback at anytime. Coffee Talk Interviews: The course includes audio interviews with leading industry experts including affiliate managers, service providers and successful affiliates. This is great if you missed something important, want to review a certain topic you don’t fully understand, or if you missed the session altoge[...]. Not only will this allow you ask questions of the instructor and view an interactive presentation that supplements your weekly lessons, it’s an opportunity to interact with your fellow students.

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