Facebook Launches Places Directory, Takes On Yelp

Facebook Launches Places Directory, Takes On Yelp Facebook has taciturnly unrolled new ‘Facebook Places’ directory that lets users explore for “great places in each city” across the planet, investment its Graph Search platform and different tools. From the Facebook Places page, users are going to be able to explore for places in an exceedingly town in numerous classes, like restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, attractions, arts & amusement, gyms, picture show theatres, schools, landmarks and additional. The Facebook Places search results area unit hierarchal by user ratings and show comments from friends et al. within the user’s Facebook network. The page conjointly list cities from totally different countries within the ‘Explore different places’ section. Users also will notice a a Bing-powered ‘Cities Nearby’ choice at very cheap of a particular destination search page. As reported by TheNextWeb, the new Places directory result integrates Facebook’s Graph Search, Locations API and different parts. Facebook hasn’t created any official announcement for the new integration until now. While there area unit several different apps and services in an exceedingly similar house, it’s actually a welcome integration for Facebook that may facilitate social network gain additional numbers. Users also will appreciate recommendations from their Facebook friends, which can be a wider base and possibly additional trustworthy than reviews from different services. Recently, the corporate declared that its traveller app has hit the milestone of five hundred million monthly active users, growing steady from two hundred million active users in Gregorian calendar month. Facebook’s Director of Product Management, Peter Martinazzi, whereas creating associate announcement on Monday, said, “This is associate exciting milestone however with a 0.5 billion individuals wishing on traveller to speak and connect, it’s conjointly a reminder that there’s such a lot left for North American nation to try and do,” Notably, Facebook recently separated traveller from the most Facebook app and created it necessary for all users to transfer the traveller app to still relish electronic messaging services.

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