Facebook Messenger receives one-star rating

Facebook Messenger receives one-star rating As has been expected for quite an whereas, Facebook has started taking the messenger part out of its official app for iOS and robot in the week, prompting people who wish to use the feature to put in the standalone traveller. to mention that this hasn’t gone well with users would be a sarcasm. Facebook messenger is currently the No.1 app within the iTunes App Store for iOS, however it’s a paltry one-star rating. It’s unclear if one thing like this has ever happened before – for the foremost downloaded app within the App Store to possess such dismal reviews. Hence, it’s like forcing individuals to try to townload a second app to do things that up heretofore were out there in your main app isn’t that sensible of an inspiration. Still, Facebook appears bent walk on this ‘unbundling’ road, thus if you wish to talk along with your Facebook friends on your smartphone you’ll got to install the separate traveller app. The amendment to Facebook’s main app is rolling out slowly, thus it should not have pushed you out of its Messages section simply nonetheless. however it’s absolute to happen shortly. The reviews are unhealthy not only within the U. S. App Store, with analytics chase company App Annie reportage one to two star averages in nearly each country’s version of Apple’s store. Interestingly, the rating scenario appears to show a discrepancy within the Google Play Store for android, wherever Facebook traveller presently enjoys a four-star average. However, that’s as a result of the ratings over there are accumulative over all the versions of an app, whereas within the iTunes App Store they’re shown just for the most recent one. That said, even within the Play Store the recent ratings are principally negative. While within the past Facebook users who were against sure changes introduced by the social network created special teams for the aim of protesting regarding them, currently they need found a new avenue to specific their frustration – the ratings within the app stores.

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