What is a Permalink?

What is a Permalink? Permalink is simply a way of saying “permanent link”. It is a permanent URL that is given to each and every blog post. When information is posted on a website or blog and it goes from being on the main page to being archived within the site, the url remains the same if you’re using permalinks. Permalinks allow an entry that has been linked to, to move into the archives without the link being broken – the url stays the same so when it is linked to after it moves you will be taken to the correct article. Other websites that are not blogs use permalinks – however the term is used commonly in the blogosphere and most content management systems like, Wordpress, Movable Type, Expression Engine, Blogger etc… support permalinks. Permalinks exist based on the idea that people visibly see the URL that they are clicking – therefore – the permalink should be created in a way that makes sense and describes what you are viewing. Some links can have various numbers and letters that mean nothing to the viewer – a proper permalink is created in a way that viewers can understand – such as a blog post containing the date of the post or the post title, for example: This link lets the reader know what site they are on plus what the name of the blog post is, as opposed to a URL that ends with number and letters that do not help the description such as: And there sums the basic explanation of permalinks – please feel free to add to this description.

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