List, backup or Restore installed packages on Debian and Ubuntu

List, backup or Restore installed packages on Debian and Ubuntu The problemMany a time I have re-installed my system from scratch or created a new system, but get sick of continually installing the same packages over and over. Its annoying when 2 or 3 months down the line you want to use a program you used to have only to find its not yet installed. Sure, an apt-get install only takes a few minutes for a single piece of software, but that’s a few minutes a geek like me could better spend doing something productive. That will show you everything apt-get has installed for you at this moment in time. But it doesnt stop there, we can use some cool tricks to allow us to backup our system software for an easy re-install later, or perhaps so we can mirror our installed software to other systems. This piped command creates a file in, etc called ‘installed. conf’ which contains all software installed on your system currently, excluding kernel related packages. The reason we exclude kernel related packages is that if you use this list to mirror your installed applications on another system, we dont want your kernel, kernel modules or other kernel specific items being overwritten or messed around on the other system.

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