Do You Know the Ten Most Popular Sites on the Internet?

Do You Know the Ten Most Popular Sites on the Internet? Do you know the top ten most popular websites currently on the Internet? Before scrolling down, take a moment to jot them on a piece a paper or open up a Notepad file. Got your answers? Great! Scroll down to see how accurate you are according to Alexa. And if you haven’t visited the top ten most popular sites lately, you should check them out; especially number ten! Google Not a big surprise, right? Google, the one-stop source for everything you’re interested in on the Internet, is also the Internet’s head honcho. But with all the free resources available, like Gmail, Google Reader, and Google Maps, can you really hate them for it? Of course not! Facebook If you didn’t guess this as the second-in-command to Google, you’re not in the loop of today’s technology. Facebook is the figurehead of social networking, and social networking is what the Internet is all about. Now go make a Facebook account if you haven’t already! YouTube YouTube is one of those sites that even the older generations not versed in the Internet seem to know about. Friendly to our mobile devices and computers alike, YouTube has opened a whole new world of amateur videos; sometimes it feels like the America’s Funniest Home Videos of the Internet. Yahoo Like Google, Yahoo is an enormous search engine that’s actually held a more veteran role online. Yahoo also provides a wide array of services, from email to chatting. Remember the old Yahoo! commercials? Live. com Live. com is Windows, so of course it’s big. Get the hookup to Bing, Hotmail, SkyDrive, and more through this one-stop source. Wikipedia Wikipedia’s a powerhouse when it comes to the idea of the Internet making information available to everyone. I still remember doing my 4th grade assignments in paper encyclopedias. Thanks to Wikipedia, we no longer have to run to the library to get information on…well, just about anything! Blogger Blogger is part of Google. Through Blogger, or Blogspot, you can set up a free blog to share your thoughts, articles, or writings with the rest of the Internet. If you guessed WordPress was in the top 10 Internet sites, it’s unfortunately a smidgen lower on the totem pole. Baidu Baidu is an Asian search engine. When you see what’s in the 10th place, this will make sense. Remember that Asia is a huge part of the Internet population! MSN MSN, or Microsoft Network, offers search utility just like Google, Yahoo!, and Baidu. MSN might also come built-in to your Internet Explorer. QQ QQ, also known as Tensent QQ, is the provider of instant messaging for Mainland China. If you stick QQ into your Google translator, you can see a site very similar to AOL, with the latest Internet-available news, games, and more.

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