You Have Dropped In Rankings?

You Have Dropped In Rankings? You have recently lost your search rankings on Google? Most probably, it has not been penalized by over-optimization, but instead it might have mistaken by Google with a “parked domain”. Various search engine forums and search discussion areas of Google are overwhelmed with topics over the latest drops in ranking. Some people are convinced tat it is the result of the so called “over-optimization penalty” that was announced by Google to be implemented this year. However, it is still not known if sites with too much SEO will be penalized or it will be a stronger attack on pure spam. The drop in the ranking was not cause by such a penalty. Head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts said the modification was caused by Google’s misclassification of some sites as parked domains, which in most cases do not have any content, except for ads. Cutts to make a post on Google+ as well Cutts posted a brief explanation on Google+, where a number of websites were asking questions regarding their new search rankings, that the parked domains classifier misread a few files which were empty. Thus, some sites were classified as park domain, when in fact they were not. Cutts also added that efforts are being made to prevent such events in the future. Google announced their intention to target parked domain to prevent their superior rankings.

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