Media New Years Resolutions

Media New Years Resolutions Tis the season for New Years Resolutions! We’re extending resolutions all the way to Social Media habits. If you’re looking to improve on using social media platforms to represent your brand we suggest looking at this list of resolutions and making sure that you keep them in mind as you work your way through 2019. Happy New Year! I will not retweet myself. Why: We know, we know – you are a hilarious/thoughtful/informative tweeter but retweeting yourself is poor form and it accomplishes nothing since the same audience is seeing the tweet. Instead try saying the same thing but in different words – spice it up. I will not post the same tweet with the same link over and over and over again. Why: To avoid looking lazy and unimaginative with your secondary tweets change your wording to get the most mileage from a single link. I will not leave the link in my Facebook posts. Why: Links will appear as stories when posted. If you’re using the preview feature, remove the link. I will use proper sizing when posting images and graphics to Facebook. Why: Your Facebook page will look fabulous if all of your photos and graphics are sized properly. Poorly cropped images are soooo 2012. I will respond to questions promptly and helpfully. Why: Social media is the new customer service line. Be ready to help your customers, readers and followers with whatever they need – don’t wait for someone else to swoop in and help. I will not use my twitter account only when responding to questions. Why: Create conversation with your followers, share information about your brand or pertinent industry info. Be a leader in your community. I will use social media platforms to link back to my website. Why: It’s all about getting traffic to your website. That’s your homebase where you control the content and the rules. Use social media as a breadcrumb trail leading your audience back to your website. I will be consistent in posting. Why: Monitor your posting trends – do you have more views if you post at 9AM or 10AM? Understand when your audience wants content – and be consistent. Posting content around the same time each day conditions your audience to know when to look for your great content! I will keep the brand voice in mind at all times. Why: Having a consistent voice in your posts will help followers and fans identify with your brand and get to know you. I will not fight with trolls. Why: There is no winning in a fight that is only being fought for the sake of entertainment. Diffuse the situation with kindness and customer service. I will spell check. Why: It’s the safest and easiest way to avoid errors that everyone can see. Save yourself the embarrassment and double check before you post. I will fact check. Why: Keep your face egg free with some simple fact checking before you post. Make sure of your dates, names and stats before you share your thoughts with the world. You don’t want the conversation about your post to be about how wrong it is. I will always make sure I am not posting from the brand account when I mean to be posting from my personal account. Why: We’ve seen it happen before! There are many examples of personal tweets being posted on brand accounts, and it never goes well for the brand or the person. Be careful, we recommend using a separate browser on your computer and a 2nd app on your smartphone to manage brand accounts.

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