Facebook Faces Challenge from Wavii Regarding Its News Feed

Facebook Faces Challenge from Wavii Regarding Its News Feed Wavii is now being offered by some smartphone app or through the web and was built up by engineers who were previously working for companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. It is most probably all set to compete against the news feed of Facebook hence stabbing in speculation that it might no sooner become a takeover target. Even as the feed of Facebook is generally based on the content shared amongst friends and on status updates, Wavii aims at highlighting whatever that is occurring worldwide by forming customized news streams all based on the data which will be accumulated right across from the web. Crawling the web The founder and also the chief executive of Wavii, Adrian Aoun, states that the services which Wavii presents is an enriched and more comprehensive experience. Adrian Aoun also told the BBC that Facebook is trying to accumulate all its structured resources and data about your friends and while Wavii focuses on accumulating structured data which is taking place all around the globe. This is the other half on which Facebook does not pay any attention to. He also stated that they were trying to comprehensively look up to everything and then map it into proper story types. They try focusing more on patterns. Wavii additionally also detects the likes and the dislikes and interests of the user’s on the basis of their previous activity sessions on Facebook by asking users to choose at least 12 themes or people of interest. These subjects or themes vary from politicians to celebrities to gadgets and business acquisitions. Then again, the startup's "learning" algorithms move to crawl through the real time web, hence turning over amorphous contents and basic facts into something that is brilliantly endowed with context and order. 'Game-changer' This technology also has the ability to process up to 1,000 articles in a minute, and can easily sense story or rumor duplicates, thus eventually streaming the most central and pertinent nuggets of information into new feeds. Wavii furthermore gets away from all kinds of fluff as stated by Jim Pitkow, who is the technical consultant to a Seattle-based business enterprise. He stated that we live in a world surrounded by an ocean of information, and do not understand which one should we focus upon. Thus, with the help of Wavii, one will be able to access great amount of valid information and contents with minimal effort. Users will be able to select around 12 topics or individuals as they set up their customized news feed system, and can eventually add in more at a later stage. He finally stated that it could create a takeover target with social media companies which have already incorporated the system of news feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and so forth, all of which are a potentially good fit.

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