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Brain R8 I am tired of all the supplements coming out every day but knowing how hard it is for people to decide which one is suitable for them I decided to check out Brain R8. I actually found this supplement as I was browsing online and an ad for it popped up. I have been reviewing different supplements for over 3 years at this point and have come to know the small details which others miss when it comes to whether the website and the product can be trusted. The Official Brain R8 Website At first glance the website really isn’t much. Though well designed it isn’t anything different from the other websites of similar supplements. Offering a number of benefits including improvement of memory, concentration, focus, energy, and overall brain performance, the website insists that this supplement is the best on the market. The ingredients are powerful nootropics which give your brain the necessary boost to help you perform better throughout the day regardless if its work, school, or doing bills at home. Aside from some information on how the supplement works, without any specifics, the official website discusses also why one would use this supplement. Generally as you age your brain performance tends to decline thus resulting in loss of short and long term memory, inability to concentrate on tasks, low energy levels, and more. By improving your diet and cutting out stress on your brain and everyday life in general you can slow down this process and even reverse it. Unfortunately this is a slow and difficult process which is what has made supplementation so popular as it offers much faster and easier results. What is the Brain R8 Formula? This information I actually had to gather from external websites as the official website did not provide any information on the ingredients. This is fairly common though and no surprise at all. What I found is that the supplement consists of a formula made up of 8 ingredients. These ingredients work together to give you the results the official website claims. I find this information to be the most important when it comes to researching a supplement as it provides you with details on whether the supplement is safe and effective. You can find studies, possible side effects, and whether the ingredients really are able to deliver on the claimed benefits. List of ingredients: Caffeine – A popular ingredient in numerous supplements, Caffeine has the same benefits as you would expect with drinking coffee, more energy. Though this is great it does come with several side effects including restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, and others. GABA – I have found this ingredient in many other supplements not only for improving brain performance. One of its most common reasons to be included in supplements is its ability to reduce stress. Studies also show that it is promising in improving attention and memory. Researches span about 12 weeks so far so only short-term information is known about the ingredient but there are no signs of side effects so far. Bacopa Monnieri – This is a fantastic ingredient that has many great benefits and improving memory is among them. It is also considered very safe without any side effects. Alpha GPC – Used primarily to improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease because of its ability to improve thinking skills this ingredient has shown possible side effects such as insomnia, heartburn, and headaches. L-Theanine – Proven to treat anxiety this ingredient is also used to help reduce some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. So far studies have only been short-term so long-term side effects are unknown. Fortunately so far there are no known side effects for the ingredient. Phosphatidylserine – This ingredient has actually been studied extensively and proven to aid in a number of age-related medical and brain decline symptoms. It is also currently being studied for numerous other benefits which still have had very little research to be confirmed one of which is its ability to alleviate Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. So far only two side effects have been noted, stomach upset and insomnia. L-Tyrosine – Research of this ingredient has shown that it has the ability to improve mental performance and memory as well as improve alertness after lack of sleep. It does have several side effects including heartburn, fatigue, joint pain, and headache. Vinpocetine – This ingredient has been proven to have the ability to improve thinking skills slightly but is still being researched to confirm its ability to improve memory and other brain related issues. Noted side effects are dizziness, headaches, nervousness, and more. Huperzine A –This ingredient has the ability to improve memory as well as dementia. It does have a long list of side effects though. The ingredients are deemed generally safe regardless of possible side effects as they are only a possibility not necessarily a must. Click on each ingredient to get more information on it and inform yourself of its benefits, uses, and precautions. One thing to remember when it comes to supplements and natural ingredients is that regardless that they are all natural there is always the possibility of a side effect. This is because in general it is something that you are consuming that your body may not be used to so make sure you read up on each ingredient to make sure that it is right for you. Click on the names of each ingredient to get more information. This supplement is not available anywhere else except for the official website. Unlike many other products out there though there is no auto-ship program or hidden fees so you can easily just order one of the available packages and not worry about additional charges.

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