Baidu Non-ethical Business Practices Manipulated Results and Piracy

Baidu Non-ethical Business Practices Manipulated Results and Piracy Baidu is China’s online search leader, but talks over the failure of talks over a video partnership reveals that the company is quite addicted to immoral business practices, such as stealth advertising and piracy. According to local media, Baidu has terminated the discussion about adding online video to its search in collaboration with LeTV, as Baidu was requited to get rid of all pirated video from the video search results. Most Internet websites are apparently doe their best to get rid of pirated and copyrighted materials from their websites, but Baidu, although announced that they are taking similar measures, discretely allows piracy on its websites. In a last year announcement, the company started to offer legal music joining forces with a number of record labels, but failed to close its music-sharing site in the same time. Because of the uncontrolled piracy on the music-sharing file, a couple of years ago a lawsuit has been filed against Baidu by important global music labels. These recent failed talks eloquently illustrates Baidu’s addiction to piracy, which is responsible for Baidu’s leading position over its global competitors, including Yahoo and Google, which have zero tolerance to piracy on their sites. The other immoral business practice of Baidu is its alleged availability to influence search results for virtually anyone who is ready to pay for such anything but ethical practices. Baidu provides high placement for advertisers in the search results (without specifying that these are actually paid advertisements) and allegedly removes from the search results any negative news or stories when a payment is offered for such service. These practices – which violate all global standards – are promoted by Baidu because provide high growth rates. It is almost certain that Baidu will not stop its questionable business practices, even if such remarkable rivals as Google and Tencent would try to steal a part of Baidu’s traffic by informing the public about the company’s practices. However, that is not going to happen in the near future and Baidu will proceed with its “usual practices” until it will be stopped by the government, the consumer or by a competitor.

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