Samsung to bet on VR Headset

Samsung to bet on VR Headset With things within the virtual reality headset area setting out to get fascinating, what with Facebook acquiring oculus VR and Sony working on one among its own, it wasn’t long before others determined to try their hand at it yet. It’s no surprise then that Samsung has determined to throw its hat within the VR headset ring, considering the company’s name of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. in line with a new report by Engadget, Samsung is functioning on its own VR headset which it’ll be declared a while this year. Samsung’s headset is claimed to work with its Galaxy vary of product. the present prototypes, already in use by some developers, area unit operating off current flagship devices, like the Galaxy S5, however the ultimate version can work solely with next generation Samsung devices because of further power demands. The headset can feature OLED displays, with quality higher or on par with the oculus Rift. there’s no word on whether or not it’ll have wired or wireless property along with your Samsung device. The device is being created specifically for games, though it remains to be seen however current automaton games can work with one thing like this. Samsung’s VR headset is claimed to be priced competitively, lower even than oculus or Sony’s offering. Samsung’s set up isn’t simply to create a VR headset however to also beat the competition by being out the gate before anyone else, that is why the corporate is presently speeding things. does one keep in mind what happened the last time Samsung rushed to the market with a new class of devices to make it there before its rivals? we got the Samsung Gear.

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