How Your Brand Can Prosper on Social Media

How Your Brand Can Prosper on Social Media Initially, food companies and social media seem like an odd duo, however it has empowered companies to increase brand exposure like never before. Products such as Oreo and M&Ms are taking every chance they can get to come up with relatable content, and it’s working. With hundreds of retweets every day, their companies continue to gain followers. Here are three trends that have worked for large brands, which any company can try: 1. Post in real time. Create posts that are relevant to what’s happening in the world. If your posts are related to current issues, there will be a greater chance of someone coming across it. Last month Oreo gained over 730 retweets on their “Prepare the Royal bottle service” post that was released moments after the announcement of Prince George Alexander Louis’s birth. This was similar to their “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet that was published when the Super Bowl game experienced a blackout. 2. Communicate with customers. When customers discus food companies online, they are usually discussing their own experience with the place or product. These posts can give your company an idea of what you’re doing right, or ideas on how to improve. A good example of how social media can impact a company comes from Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Earlier this year they announced that they would dilute their bourbon, changing it’s proof. Customers quickly took to twitter and expressed their negative outlook on the change. Not long after, Maker’s Mark released a statement saying that they will follow their customer’s wishes and keep the product the same. Their response garnered positive response and gained loyalty from customers. 3. Give your brand a personality. Be creative! M&Ms are a good example of this. They are running different twitter accounts for the different M&Ms characters. Their most active account at the moment is Ms. Green (@mmsgreen), who often refers to Ms. Brown (@mmsbrown) and retired twitter Red (@mmsred). The tweets read as if the character is posting on behalf of the company, rather than an employee by changing the tone of the messages. Now I’m not saying that you should get your muffin tin to tweet for you, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Creativity can capture the audience’s attention, and lure in new followers.

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