What does OnBrain Clarity Consist of?

What does OnBrain Clarity Consist of? As with most other supplements I have reviewed, finding ingredients is pretty difficult. I am not sure why they fail to share a list of ingredients on their official website but I have almost always had to visit external websites to find more information. To me being able to read through the ingredients and research them is essential to making a wise decision with supplements. Regardless how safe supplements generally are as they are all natural it is important to remember that they will have an effect on your body and you want to know exactly what it will be. It is also good to remember that supplements are not regulated by the FDA which means that they can make any claim they want about how the supplement will work, its benefits, and safety. With that said, there are 8 ingredients in OnBrain Clarity: Ingredients: Caffeine – Caffeine is consumed on a daily basis by many and its effects in this supplement are generally the same as with drinking your morning coffee. It helps boost your energy levels thus allowing you to get more done in less time. Unfortunately, just like with your coffee it does have some possible side effects such as insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, and more. GABA – This is a popular ingredient in supplements which I have met numerous times with supplements I have experienced with before as well as ones I have reviewed. It is mainly used to reduce stress and there is ongoing research on its benefits of improving memory and attention. So far though, researches range only 12 weeks which means that long-term side effects are actually unknown. For the timeframe it has been researched though there are no side effects listed. Bacopa Monnieri – I have met this ingredient only on several occasions but it has proven to have numerous benefits including the ability to improve memory. During studies no side effects were noted. Alpha GPC – This is a very beneficial supplement for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as it helps improve thinking skills. There are minor side effects though such as insomnia, heartburn, and headaches. L-Theanine – This ingredient has proven to be very efficient in treating anxiety and alleviating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Long-term use is unknown as research is limited to short periods but there are no signs of side effects. Phosphatidylserine – Confirmed to improve common age-related mental decline symptoms mainly memory this ingredient has been extensively studied. It also offers a number of other benefits which are either confirmed or are currently being studied including the ability to improve certain symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. There are only two side effects from this ingredient, insomnia and stomach upset. L-Tyrosine – Early researches of this ingredient show that it boosts alertness after a sleepless night, mental performance, and memory. There are a number of side effects though including joint pain, fatigue, heartburn, and headache. Vinpocetine – Research done on this ingredient has shown that it does have minimal effects on improving declined thinking skills. Currently it is still studied for improving brain related issues and overall memory. Possible side effects are nervousness, dizziness, headaches, and others. Huperzine A – Though very promising for improving dementia and memory this supplement also has a long list of side effects. The ingredients are deemed generally safe regardless of possible side effects as they are only a possibility not necessarily a must. Click on each ingredient to get more information on it and inform yourself of its benefits, uses, and precautions. Buying OnBrain Clarity This is very straightforward. There are no hidden fees, no membership programs, and no additional charges. All you do is select a package, pay, and get your supplement. 5 Bottles – $159.95 3 Bottles – $123.82 1 Bottle – $57.95 They offer a 60 day money back guarantee but I wouldn’t really count on it as I have yet to order from a supplement website that stands by their guarantee, there is always a loophole somewhere in the terms. Overall, I think that the website is trusted and considering the ingredients in the supplement I do believe that OnBrain Clarity is a good choice as long as you do your research and consult with your doctor before you order.

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