IPhone 6 may use light notification on the Apple logo

IPhone 6 may use light notification on the Apple logo Not each day goes by while not a rumor or leak concerning the iPhone vi, and it’s likely to be this fashion all the high to its official unveiling (which is certain to happen in September). This one, though, is a remarkable detail – if it seems to be true. Apparently consecutive iPhone could have a neat deck up its sleeve, specifically the ability to use the Apple logo on its back as a notification light of types. The logo would illumine once you have a notification, informing you that there is one thing new looking forward to you although you place your phone face-down. We’ve antecedently seen the Apple logo illumine within the company’s laptop line, although in this case it’s only a cosmetic factor. With the iPhone 6, the feature may very well encourage be quite helpful. The assumption that this can happen comes from the image you’ll see higher than, that is claimed to depict the ultimate style for the rear casing of the iPhone 6. See, rear housings for the previous iPhones have historically been solid blocks that had the Apple brand graven on the outside of the phone. during this case, though, you are looking at the within of the rear panel for the iPhone 6, and you have without doubt noticed that odd plastic blob within the middle. That’s wherever the Apple brand are often found this point around. It’s a part of that plastic bit that is inserted into a recessed space of the rear casing. The plastic half is skinny enough so it will let lightweight shine through, thus all the speculation you’ve got simply scan. On the opposite hand, this might all be nothing over illusion, keep that in mind.

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