Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 get leaked pictured

Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 get leaked pictured It’s been over a year since the launch of Nvidia’s 1st GTX 700 series graphics cards, thus within the usual yearly cycle of releases we should always expect the launch of Nvidia’s next line – the GeForce GTX 800 series – someday soon. What may be the primary graphics card in this line, the GeForce GTX 880, has allegedly been pictured over on Chinese web site GamerSky. At this stage it’s onerous to verify what this card truly is, particularly as lots of the PCB has been pixelated, however it’s in no way one thing we have seen before. In the center of the model board we have a tendency to see a brand new GPU that, consistent with some excavation done by ComputerBase, may be a Maxwell-based GM204. The calculable die space is larger than that of GK104, that was the primary high-end astronomer GPU, however slightly smaller than GK110.On the rear of the board area unit eight dual-sided SK Hynix memory modules, totaling an estimated 8 GB of buffer. It’s expected the cardboard can launch with 4 GB of VRAM, later to be bumped to 8 GB by OEMs because the demand for 4K gaming setups will increase. On the highest edge it is also possible to see 3 PCIe power connectors: 2 six-pin and one eight-pin. this is often likely simply a feature enclosed for testing the model, because the most supported power draw of 375W is significantly beyond Nvidia’s current flagship single-GPU cards.

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