USB Device can damage your Computer in seconds

USB Device can damage your Computer in seconds New Delhi: USB sticks for long are the agents of malware and spreading infection to unsuspecting computer systems making them dysfunctional but still curable. However, a new type of USB device has the potential to damage your laptop, completely. A researcher who goes by the name Dark Purple has built a USB stick that fries up the internals of a ADPS at intervals seconds of being blocked. By look, the USB Killer 2.0 looks like any other normal stick but delivers a negative 220-volt electric surge into the USB port and moves from the notion of software damage to a full new concept of physical destruction of victim computers. Dark Purple’s blog post explains that the new version of the USB device has been improved with twice the output voltage and is more compact than the sooner version. The killer device isn’t solely meant to burn down computers or laptops, however capable enough to destroy all devices with USB ports like TVs, routers, modems, and even smartphones with OTG support. It is not clear how much internal harm is done to the device as shown within the demo video below. while there’s an obvious chance of the USB port and motherboard getting damaged, the disk drive or central processor have a chance of surviving.

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