Google To Make Internet faster

Google To Make Internet faster Google is creating it easier for people on slower connections to surf the net by launching a feature that may not only load lighter versions of webpages, however also save information. The search big is specializing in developing countries like Indonesia, Brazil and India, and will launch it as early because the finish of this month. “Unfortunately, in India, wherever network connections square measure usually slow, obtaining data on your phone will be powerful, and frustrating,” Hiroto Tokusei, Product Manager at Google wrote in a diary post. “So we’re exploring some new ways in which to hurry things up. In period of time, we tend to’ll begin to roll out a brand new feature that we hope can do exactly that.” Once launched, Android users making an attempt to open a webpage on Chrome or using Google search can notice a bump in speed. to realize this, Google compresses the multimedia system on a page, optimizing them for slower connections. These optimized websites look quite totally different from their original style. For those desperate to see the first version of a webpage, there’s a toggle button on prime. The company has experimented with optimized pages in Indonesia, and noticed that even on a 2G affiliation, websites opened nearly fourfold faster, whereas using 80 % less data. In addition to rising web experience for users in developing countries, Google also has ambitions to bring net connectivity to any or all corners of the globe. The company’s Project Loon uses high-altitude balloons to supply cheap net across the world. it’s a network of balloons that float at concerning 20 kilometers on top of the planet within the stratosphere. These balloons are reported to be launched in India by next year. Google isn’t the sole one optimizing user expertise for individuals with slow connectivity. Last week, Facebook launched ‘Facebook Lite’ for Android users. because the name suggests, the app weighs less than a MB, and is optimized offer a similar social networking expertise to users in developing countries. Others browsers from Opera and UC net also supply a feature that compresses web content the maximum amount as 80 % to assist them load quicker.

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